Q&A session – Rother LSP

Lots of questions are being asked by the conference delegates via the Sli.do app, many of which were answered by the Chair and guest speakers. These include;

  • How will the actions from last years LSP conference around housing help people in fuel poverty in the targeted areas?
  • How do get a community friends group in every community?
  • How can we link up initiatives like Helping Hands in Sidley with others?
  • How do you support a client who is clearly being exploited but is unwilling or unable to recognise it in themselves?
  • What support can be given to renewable technology for rural areas where electric heating is often the only option other than oil?
  • If Warm Homes fund is only available in urban areas how do we help those in rural areas?
  • The warm homes fund sounds great but seems to rely on gas. What will happen when gas boilers are phased out?
  • How do we raise concern that someone is being exploited without being scared that we are telling tales or put our own safety in danger?
  • How do we help those living in rural areas with fuel poverty
  • Is food poverty increasing in Rother?
  • Where do older people who often don’t ask for help get help?
  • How do we get to help isolated rural people who are struggling?
  • What can we offer people unable to afford food other than the food bank? Especially in rural areas
  • The issue is people just don’t have enough money to pay their bills
  • Love the services for Optivo residents. What is available for private rented sector residents?
  • In rural areas many people don’t have gas but have oil which is expensive. Is there support for electricity central heating ?
  • Didn’t know about warm Home Check service. Thank you for telling us
  • Calls to Sussex Police with concerns about exploitation can be anonymous should you wish and the information will still be actioned