Fuel Poverty Reduction Pathways – Rother LSP

Louise Trenchard, the East Sussex Fuel Poverty Coordinator take the delegates through fuel poverty in Rother, including. 

  • Causes of fuel poverty
  • Who is at risk
  • Excess Winter Deaths
  • Improving energy efficiency lead to health, social and community benefits
  • East Sussex Energy Partnership
  • East Sussex Winter Home Check Service
  • NHS Hastings & Rother Clinical Commissioning Group Healthy Homes Programme

Louise’s presentation is available to download below.

Kate Meakin from Energise East Sussex explains their role as a Community Energy Cooperative – aiming to bring back the power in the energy system to the community:

  • democratic control
  • sharing benefits
  • active participation (education and engagement)

Energise East Sussex was formed in 2012, providing advice to people on their utility bills and debt on accounts, including water, which is becoming an increasing issue.