Financial Inclusion & Food Poverty – Rother LSP

Vanessa Biddis, Head of Region for Sussex Neighbourhoods at Optivo explains the issues with Food Poverty in Rother in comparison with other areas across England, looking at statistics and data for:

  • Child poverty
  • Pensioners in poverty
  • Unemployment
  • Health inequality
  • Index of multiple deprivation
  • Age and generation profiles
  • Household group types

Kelly Collette, Financial Inclusion Manager at Optivo takes the delegates through the work of her team, and highlighted that it is more than ‘Welfare Reform’;

  • Dedicated team
  • Early checks and intervention
  • Resident feedback about the service
  • Digital support
  • Mandatory referrals when applying for APA
  • Food and fuel bank work- summer holiday poverty
  • Proactive work for the ‘struggling silent’

The full presentation can be downloaded below.