Way forward and closing remarks – Rother LSP

Martin Fisher asked for feedback from the two workshops in order to set a way forward for 2018-19, with closing remarks from Julie Gilbert-King

Comments and way forward – Martin Fisher

What should the continued focus of the LSP be?

  • What can we do to increase the housing supply locally?
  • What can we do to improve the quality of housing stock?
  • How do we keep supporting vulnerable residents who need it now?
  • Support and engagement from local MPs and Councillors.

Closing Remarks – Julie Gilbert-King

We know there’s an issue around housing.

There are a number of vulnerable people in need of our services right now.

Interesting information from Scott Lawrence re: the data from the Residents and Stock Condition survey will help to focus priorities – excessive old and slips, trips and falls – double the national average of excess cold in some areas.

Tom Warder’s presentation was very interesting – we’re keen to look more into CLH approached to see how can be applied.

Richard Watson and Marie Jones reinforced the need to deal with issues that create excessive cold and slips, trips and falls. There is a need to appeal to organisations to take up training for frontline staff.

Julie reiterated Martin’s points for focus for 2018-19 as a way forward for the Rother Local Strategic Partnership, and thanked everyone for their attendance and valuable contribution to this year’s annual conference.

Conference end, 1pm.