Rother Housing Research Project – Rother LSP

Presentation delivered by Scott Lawrence, Senior Researcher for Opinion Research Services.

Scott Lawrence introduced himself to the conference delegates, providing an overview of the Rother District Council Resident Survey and Private Sector Housing Condition Survey (HCS), explaining how Rother was broken down in study areas.

The presentation included:

  • Age and type of housing stock in the study area
  • Tenure of housing stock in the study area (owner occupied / private rented)
  • Property sizes
  • Category 1 and Category 2 hazards
  • Incidence of non-decency
  • Cost to remedy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Fuel poverty
  • Reasons for moving to Rother
  • Affordability of rent/mortgage
  • Restricted mobility or health issues affecting housing needs
  • Benefits claimants (including state pension and child benefit)
  • Income inclusive of investments, benefits and pensions