Community Led Housing – Rother LSP

Presentation delivered by Tom Warder, Housing & Community Engagement Team Leader for Action in rural Sussex.

Tom introduced Action In Rural Sussex (AiRS) as an organisation, with an overview of their role.

The presentation provided details on Community Led Housing (CLH), covering the following:

  • What is Community Led Housing
  • What are the different approaches and routes to delivery – including Community Land Trust
  • What makes it different
  • Community Housing Fund
  • Sussex Community Housing ‘Hub’
  • Community Led Housing in Rother
  • Community Led Housing essentially means the community group is involved in key decisions such as what is built, where it is built, and for whom. They’re involved from start to finish and in the on-going management or stewardship, so much more than just consultees.

Approaches to Community Led Housing include:

  • Cohousing
  • Community Land Trusts
  • Cooperatives
  • Self/custom build
  • Self-help

Tom then took the delegates through some case studies that have been delivered through the use of Community Led Housing approaches, finishing with a round-up of what support AiRS and the Sussex Community Housing ‘Hub’ can provide to groups seeking to use a CLH approach.