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Presentation delivered by Inspector Daniel Russell of Sussex Police.

The delegates were shown are film called 'Scam - the secret crime":

Daniel shared some statistics on scam related crimes:

  • Over half the adult population have been subject to a fraud

  • Over 9 billion pounds is lost in the UK every year to personal fraud and scams

  • Technology is enabling fraudsters to carry out attacks quicker and employ more complex behaviours to remain undetected

Analysis shows that 60% are 75+ years of age, and 67% of scams happen over the phone.

Call blocking technology can help to fight scams:

  • 170 trueCall Call blockers have been installed in the homes of the most vulnerable

  • 71,000 nuisance calls blocked

  • Receiving nominations from partner agencies

  • 3 years monitoring reports to share Intelligence with NFIB

Daniel closed by showing a 3 minute film "Fraud and Scams - Know the warning signs"

The full presentation is available in the Downloads section below.

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